1. RSS Sponsorships

    In keeping with the minimal theme, I only have one advertisement, powered by the fine folks at Fusion Ads, on Minimal Mac. The only other way for someone with a product or service to get some of my readers’ valuable time and attention is to sponsor this site’s RSS feed for a week.

    Sponsorship price is currently $249.00. 

    To schedule your sponsorship, or if you have any questions, please email me, Patrick Rhone.


    My readers, to put it simply, are the ideal audience. They are smart, design savvy, quality-conscious, and are willing to invest more if a return on value is perceived. But first and foremost, they love the Mac and its ecosystem. Many of them have their own websites, podcasts, video casts, etc. and are looking for new products and services to share with their readers. They value Minimal Mac as a trusted “first source”.

    There are almost 15,000 RSS feed subscribers. Since the sponsorship posts appear as regular posts on the site as well, this opens the total audience up to up to approximately 225,000 views per post (based on the RSS, actual page views, and over 200,000 Tumblr folowers and allowing for overlap).

    Here is what some past sponsors have said:

    "I’ve tried many different channels for advertising our apps and to this point, MinimalMac has by far provided the best return on investment. That’s a testament to its smart, engaged readership; I’m confident we’ll continue to support this site with sponsorships." 

    - Ken Yarmosh, savvy apps (creators of Agenda for iOS)

    "I sponsored Patrick’s feed for a week to promote a brand-new app, Macchiato. MinimalMac’s audience perfectly matches my target market, and the promotion helped get the name out while paying for itself. Heartily recommended."

    – Kenneth Ballenegger (creator of Macchiato)

    Here is how it works – At the start of the week (Monday), a link and description for your product or service will be posted to the site and, thus, the RSS feed. On Friday another post will be published to the site, thanking you, the sponsor. Since every post also gets published to the @minimalmac account on Twitter and App.net, each will get published there as well.

    One final note, I value my readers’ time and attention. They trust me not to squander it. If I feel your product or service is not a good fit for my readers, I will gently tell you so.


    October 19 – October 25: Reserved

    October 26 – November 1: Reserved

    November 2 – November 8: Available

    Weeks not listed above may also be available. Email me if you want one not listed here.