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    Dashplus is an innovative list and ToDo app that introduces actionable items. Simply swipe lines to the right to change their state, and unlock actions where needed. It is based on the eponym system devised by Patrick Rhone: any item of a todo list is actionable. Having used it for years with pen and paper, we are very excited to bring it finally to a digital implementation, on the iPhone.

    Dave Mendels, the developer of the app and long time friend, approached me with the idea of turning the system I created to into an iPhone app. I thought it was splendid and gave my full blessing — but I knew that, in order for it to work as an app, the design was critical. The primary focus had to be on capturing things as quickly as possible and getting out of your way. The secondary focus had to be on processing those items in a way that made sense. The bottom line for me was that it had to be good enough for me to want to use the app instead of just pen and paper as I have been doing for the years since I created it. Short of that, why bother?

    Suffice to say that he hit it out of the park. Not only did it meet the goals I hoped for above, but he added so many nice touches that I never could have come up with on my own. For instance, the ability to create reminders for waiting items, or send email for delegated ones to those you wish to delegate the item to, or the option for sending completed items to DayOne, or the “shake to add to Inbox” from anywhere you are in the app. I could list even more.

    Seriously, the last thing I needed was another task/capture app. What I needed was this one. I’m glad someone with the talent and skills created it. You should check it out. It’s $2.99 on the App Store.

    But, lest I forget, here is the most important reason why you should get this app:

    We are selling this app for a ridiculously small price, given the work that went into it. With one main goal: we are partially funding our school-in-a-box initiative with the profits. We brought iPads to a school in a remote Indonesian village that didn’t even have books, and the kids are now showing tremendous progress! To accelerate the implementation we need to put more devices in their hands: the goal is one device per child!

    In other words, the purchase of the app is going to a great cause. Better your productivity while doing some real, tangible, good for a child in need. The work the Dave and his team are doing with these kids is amazing. 

    So, seriously, buy this.

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