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    When I first read the description of Velocity, a new iOS app that helps you read faster by only showing one word at a time, I thought, “Yeah, sure. Right…” Then, I saw the short video demo they had on the site and my mind was blown. It really does work as advertised.

    I immediately downloaded it and hooked up my Instapaper account to it (it also supports Pocket) and tried it on several of the items in my queue there. Needless to say that I was further amazed. I got through several items in only a few minutes time. You can also add things directly to it so if you have a long email or other text to read you can toss it in there and let it work the magic.

    I found that, for me, it works best with product reviews, blog posts, and similar stuff. I found it less successful on long form pieces that had more of a narrative structure. Which is understandable since such things generally require one the time to build the story and punctuation pauses become much more important. That said, for things one might normally read through and digest quickly Velocity is a peach.

    One can control the speed in the settings and the number of words displayed at once. Also, I think that having some option to include a pause for commas and periods would be a help (the developers tell me this is in the works). But, in all, this the most amazing thing I’ve seen this week. As I’m sure you know based on recent releases, that’s saying a lot. It’s one of those apps that I feel should be a feature. It is so good and useful it should be built in. 

    Fine work from the great guys at Lickability. It’s $2.99 on the app store and iOS 7 only.

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