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    The future is as bright for photographers as it has ever been and the new ideas and technology laid in place by Apple could end up helping the pro market as far as I’m concerned. Moving forward lets ignore those who fight against such advancement and understand that there is plenty of room for casual shooters to have a software driven marvel such as the 5s as well as the humble enthusiasts such as myself to have a great classic shooter by their side.

    Don’t miss John’s wonderful take on my piece about the camera in the iPhone 5s. He hits the nail on the head that, judging on some of the responses I received, I failed to make clear. Certainly, the iPhone 5s camera will never satisfy the Pro/Enthusiast photographer any more than the point-and-shoot consumer models I predict will quickly disappear ever did. And, for those on that high end it is a win-win situation because many camera companies will now pour even more effort and innovation into those high end cameras and equipment as they slowly abandon that low end market. And, many of those Pro/Enthusiast photogs will have a great camera phone in their pocket as well for those times when the big camera is too much for a quick snapshot. In short, I believe this will create two camera markets — Pro/Enthusiast’s who want cameras that offer complete control and flexibility and everyone else who have their phone.

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