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    He is an apparent paradox: a high-tech design leader with a home and possessions that display little affection for anything postwar; frankly, most of the 20th century seems suspect to him. Nothing in his home looks particularly futuristic, or technological, at least as we’ve usually understood those terms. A house may be a machine for living, but Karp says, “I don’t want our house doing very much.” It’s a quiet space, with few distractions; one feels that stone tablets might not be entirely out of place.

    It’s a beautiful home. It looks like a place of solace in a city that provides little.

    People have asked me over the years why I use Tumblr. Especially knowing some of my feelings about ownership and control of one’s work. The reasons are simple — Tumblr makes it as easy and painless as possible to do the work I wish to do with this site and David has been nothing but good, forthright, and is a fan of the site. David is our kind of guy. 

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    Really great article about David Karp, Tumblr and the East/West coast divide in the tech industry. NY Times does a great...
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