1. The Tastiest Cord Solution: Cord Taco, Cordito, Cordlupa by Mike Macadaan — Kickstarter →


    I receive a lot of requests to post about unreleased, yet close to fruition, products. Especially those on Kickstarter. And, while I have linked to a few here and there in the past, I generally no longer do. The main reason being that I would prefer to focus on products and apps that are available to solve a problem or fill a need for my readers right now —today. The second being that many of the products I have linked to in the past have either shipped half baked or not come to market at all, which then puts my recommendations in question. I respect my reader’s time and attention above all else.

    That said, I’m making an exception in this case. I’m doing so for several reasons.

    First is that you can get all of these products right now — today. The Kickstarter is so that the owners can get the money they need to ramp up demand, keep up with production, and devote full time energy to building a great company. All of these things I greatly respect.

    Second, is that the products are really great. Very well designed elegant solutions to the problem of cable clutter. Marrying old world craftsmanship to solve new world problems.

    Finally, I like the folks behind this. They seem genuine and trustworthy. 

    So, you can go and support this Kickstarter and get some useful backing rewards in return. Or, you can go to their site today and get some really finely crafted cable wrangling solutions. But, either way, support these folks.

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    I’m not what you’d call an Apple fanboy, but the items shown above are downright fantastic. Two taco and a cordito,...
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