1. Grandview is a new “distraction-free” writing environment that has one of the more interesting interfaces you likely have ever seen. It’s clearly one of those things that was developed to serve a particular need of the developer and is not for everyone.

    Basically, by default, you see one word at a time as you type. Get to the end of a sentence and it then displays the entire sentence on screen until you begin typing the next. It is kind of difficult to wrap one’s head around in concept and only really begins to click seeing it in practice. Like I said, it is not for everyone. Furthermore, I’m likely a very bad person to evaluate it. 

    Why? Well, it may come as a shock to you, especially with being a writer and all, that I never learned how to touch type. I’m a very, very fast “hunt and pecker” (OK, You can stop snickering now). Therefore, I often don’t look at the screen when I type. At least, I don’t remain focused on it. In fact, I kind of can see what I have typed in my head as I’m working. Mistakes and typos and all. I can write and edit a whole document with hardly ever looking at the screen. Even as I type this the flicker of the full screen one word experience are all that I am seeing as they flash and reflect off of my keyboard. 

    All of this is a long way to saying that one should really take a close look at this before pulling the trigger. That said, I can certainly imagine it being nirvana for a small group of folks so it is worth a peek at least. If for no other reason than it is one of the few truly original concepts I have seen in this space.

    (P.S. This review was written in it’s entirety using it)

    (Source: vimeo.com)

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