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    Since yesterday’s post about App.net, I’ve had a few people ask me what apps I’m using to access the service.

    On the iPhone and iPad I’m using Netbot by Tapbots. If you are familiar with their Tweetbot app for Twitter, this is pretty much exactly the same. It is one of the few App.net iOS apps that has support for both iPhone and iPad and has things like synced place marking and support for landscape typing on the iPhone (which, much to my annoyance, too many other App.net clients do not). I’ve heard many good things about the other iOS clients out there and have purchased them to check them out but lack of landscape and iPad support means that is about all I have done. I stick with Netbot.

    On the Mac, I use the App.net website (they call the web interface “Alpha”). Unlike too many other social networks, I find it pleasantly designed and it certainly is enough for my needs. There are a couple of Mac desktop apps I’m aware of but I have not tried them. The web interface is just fine for me.

    Deserving of an honorable mention here is an app that uses the App.net service that I’ve become increasingly fond of — Whisper. Whisper is a client for the direct and group messaging side of the App.net service (like DMs on Twitter but better). It is great for breaking off into a one-on-one with someone but the real power comes in with its support for photos and locations. Say, for instance, you are arranging meeting up with a friend somewhere and you want to shoot them a map to your location. Whisper makes it easy. There are even some fun stickers one can insert into these chats if that’s your thing. Whisper does not support landscape yet but I’ve been told I is coming. It’s good enough to get a pass from me for now.

    So, there you have it. That said, App.net has a nice and growing collection of apps for just about every need. Worth checking out their directory and finding one that works for you.

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    App.net is great. Sign up!
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