1. App.net — Invites and Meetup

    App.net is the social networking service that has largely replaced Twitter for me. It is everything Twitter used to be and should have become. App.net is normally a paid service (Which is one of the things I love about it — you are the customer!). I’ve finally set up an account for @minimamac on the service so, if you are already on please give it a follow.

    If you are not on App.net yet, the kind and generous folks there have given me some free invites to give away. Just click that link and you’ll be in like Flint. I have no idea how many there are so, first come first serve and they are gone when they are gone.

    Finally, I’ll be hosting a meet-up event for members of App.net on June 20th (This Thursday) at 6:30p at the Chatterbox Cafe in Saint Paul, MN. I would love it if you joined us if you are in the Twin Cities area. I’ve been told some cooler people than me might even show up.

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