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    The truth is that there is a whole wealth of customers out there just waiting for you. They have no one else to turn to. You coming to their home is cheaper than any of the larger consulting firms that don’t really want their business anyway. And, it is more convenient and personal than going down to the Apple store. What they really need is someone they can trust who is willing to help them find a solution.

    As I said in my original post, they need a Frustration Removal Agent and Simplifier of Difficult Things. They don’t have anyone like that around or, if they do, it is a their slightly nerdy nephew who they feel bad about always having to call for this stuff anyway. They want to pay someone and not feel bad. They want help finding a solution from someone that does this for a living. They want you.

    Have you ever thought of being a Mac Consultant? Well, I’ve been one for almost 20 years now. My original post about it three years ago has become one of the definitive posts on the subject (seriously, search Google for “How to be a mac consultant” and my post will be right next to Apple’s consultant page). In this updated “living” post I plan to dump all of my current thoughts about it and keep updating it as more thoughts and subjects come up. Stay tuned.

    Update: To give you some idea of what I mean by “living”, this post has doubled in size since I first posted it this morning. Adding tons of info based on reader feedback.

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