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    Timebar is a new timer app for the Mac. Now, there are a ton of timer apps out there, and they are all fine. That’s the problem, as it were, they are just fine. I mean, what can a timer app do that is all that different? 

    Well, when I first saw Timebar, it blew me away. Not just because it found a way to handle this relatively simple problem, differently, but because the moment you see how it does it, you realize this is how timer apps on the Mac should have worked all along.

    Timebar turns your Mac’s menubar itself into a visual timer. It overlays a translucent bar that gradually reduces as the time passes. All you need to get a sense of how much time is left is to glance up at your menubar. It’s really quite ingenious.

    Seriously, check this one out. It’s available right now in the Mac App Store. That said, I have a few promo codes on a first come/serve basis below:






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