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    These people need patterns, regularity, a systematic approach, and something that doesn’t require extra work on their behalf. It makes their job easier to know that every company works the same way. Apple doesn’t care about making other people’s jobs easier. Apple doesn’t care about making its own job easier. Apple cares about making great stuff. And it works.

    And that is it in a nutshell. All of the people saying Apple “needs” another blockbuster are really saying Apple needs to operate like every other company or else they will fail.

    The truth is, Apple has largely succeeded by not operating like every other company. By not following market trends they instead can set them.

    You want to know what true innovation is? Doing what the heck you want and not giving two rats about other people’s expectations and priorities. 

    Also, in this economy, in the markets they are in, true innovation is taking cash to the bank while everyone else is trying to figure out how to borrow it just to survive (Dell, RIM, HTC, Nokia… I could make this parenthetical aside very,very, long).

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