1. Chinks In The Armor


    There hasn’t been one Apple blockbuster since Steve died. Dare we consider the possibility that there never will be another? It’s more than conceivable.

    Doc Searls Weblog · Apple rot


    Doc, you get the “Steve Facepalm” for this one.

    Doc being Doc I suppose. I appreciate it some of the time but I have to take it down a bit on this one because it is not adding up…

    Steve died only a bit more than a year ago. Apple R+D is at least 2+ years in the pipeline on anything “blockbuster” by this definition. Yet, some people complain because half — HALF — of Verizon’s iPhone sales in their latest quarterly results were of iPhone 5. Why only half? Because they sold even more iPhone 4 and 4S than anticipated. iPhones, by the way, accounted for almost 63% of all of their total phone sales. Not “blockbuster” enough I suppose…

    The original iPhone was released June of 2007 and changed the very idea of what a mobile phone was. It was a “blockbuster”.

    The original iPad was released April of 2010, nearly three years later, and changed the very idea of what a mobile computer was. It was a “blockbuster”.

    Now Apple has to — as in, MUST — come up with something equally revolutionary in less time in order to stay “relevant”? I’m sorry, I think I’d choose selling more stuff and making way more money and staying irrelevant by that definition.

    Seriously, this is all getting to be a bit ridiculous. I’m calling bullshit on every one of these silly pieces about imaginary chinks in the armor. Show me where Apple’s sales are down, where their profits are dropping, where their products have not seen any change in features or performance, that fewer and fewer people are buying them, and then I might be willing to admit that Apple “needs” a blockbuster. Because this lackluster, same-ol-same-ol is selling like hotcakes and making them a ton of cash.

    Oh, and while we are on the subject, can we stop trying to pretend that Steve Jobs was the only one with a clue at Apple and all hope is lost without him? He built a great team. That team continues to lead Apple to groundbreaking success by just about any sane definition. Let the poor guy rest.

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    I disagree. I do feel like Apple hasn’t really wowed since Steve passed. Granted, maybe the people who have moved up to...
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    Nothing more to say. Great piece.
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    "Seriously, this is all getting to be a bit ridiculous. I’m calling bullshit on every one of these silly pieces about...
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    Steve was the one that came out with the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macs, however people do forget Jobs did have duds like...
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