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    The world has since long moved on to newer devices with far more capacity and capabilities than my lowly little black iPhone can muster. Yet, I still use mine and haven’t really found many reasons to upgrade. I don’t want to be pulled down into a cesspool of unnecessary consumerism and get a new device every year, just because I can. Since it’s also not broken, there’s just no way I can justify replacing it. No reasons that outweigh the fact that it’s still a fully functional device that serves my needs remarkably well for something of its age. Not everything is roses and pizza of course, but it works really well, and has by a wide margin exceeded my expectations.

    I really do enjoy reading about these instances where people are making the most of what they already have. It’s one of the primary reasons this site exists in the first place.

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    excellent phone. It was handed down...sister-in-law. It finally went kaput
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    Such a lovely post. Not many people truly appreciate what our phones do for us. All over the net we see the criticisms...
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    Sticking to the essential with the device you use, not chasing the latest and greatest toys out there. Respect.
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