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    Byword is a new, minimalist, distraction-less writing environment for Mac. Now, I know what you are thinking – Just what the world needs right? Well, I thought the same thing so I challenged the developer to tell me why one would choose this over the plethora of others available. Here is the list he ticked off:

    - Full-screen interface;

    - Focus mode to highlight only the few lines nearby the cursor‚ - you will love this;

    - 5 beautiful typography presets optimized for legibility and readability;

    - Plain text (TXT) and rich text (RTF) editing;

    - Special selection functions to facilitate text manipulation;

    - Convenient keyboard shortcuts to quickly make changes;

    - In-place formatting options presented in a contextual popover;

    - Integrated Find and Replace;

    - Printing and export to PDF.

    I have to say I am really enamored with the “focus” mode and the iOS style popover. Also, I should note the introductory pricing:

    Byword is available today on the Mac App Store, starting with sale price of $2.99‚ - price will go up every 3 days until March, 22.

    In other words, if you are interested it would do you well to act fast.

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    £1.79 in the UK App Store at the moment - i’ve found it really useful so far for working on my freelance journalism /...
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