1. Replace Black Friday

    In an effort to combat Black Friday, a day completely manufactured by retailers to get you to buy into the idea that spending money on stuff is the greatest gift of all, here are some suggestions for replacing this idea with some things more in line with what we believe in here:

    The Season of Stuff — My first essay on this subject wherein I make some alternative suggestions of what to give in the season of giving that does not involve giving people more crap they don’t need.

    Black Bag Friday — How about turing this season of giving into the season of giving away. Every family member gets a black garbage bag to fill with the over-abundance they could live without.

    St Jude’s Marathon — Help my friend Thomas Brand raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital who give free care to children in dire need, like my friend Stephen’s son Josiah who was born with a brain tumor. St. Jude’s has given over two million dollars of care to Josiah alone — with not a single bill paid by his parents. Thomas is running in the Marathon to help raise money for St Jude’s mission. How about giving some of that Black Friday money to a far more worthy cause.

    Make Something — Alex says, “Instead of buying something, make something. It’s so much more fulfilling to be a creator rather than a consumer.

    Take the Buy Nothing Challenge — Leo, of Zen Habits, challenges folks to join him in only buying the essentials in 2013. How about starting now? In fact, how about only giving the essentials this holiday season too?

    I may add to this list as I find other sensible alternatives. Stay steadfast and vigilant my friends.

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