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    It’s only been two weeks since the outset of this experiment, but the results so far have been very positive. I feel by learning the OS and becoming more proficient in the interfaces that ship with the device, I have saved myself a lot of time. I am able to get in, get done what needs to be done, and get out as quickly as possible.

    James challenges himself to using only the stock iOS apps with a few exceptions. But, also to selfgrade by furthering his knowledge and usage when it comes to these apps. 

    What we believe in.

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    Very interesting experiment. I’ve this sense there maybe a hidden but gently growing trend toward simplifying digital...
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    What I enjoyed most was the linked article on the selfgrade:‘The Best Upgrade is...
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    Not sure I could do without the Tumblr or Chrome apps.
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    This is a fantastic post about Gowan’s experimenting with Apple’s stock iOS apps…for everything!! It really has me...
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