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    A detail from the iPad keynote: Steve demoes the Mail application and he puts it in horizontal mode. Oh, look, an Inbox list pops in. Neat.

    And I think, hmmm I wonder if you can resize that splitter, making the source list wider. Its a tiny target, so it would be hard to grab…

    And then I realize: you can’t resize it.

    And a bright light did shine upon my liberated face and a voice did whisper a thunder: You’re free. Free of pointless preferences and finger-baiting adjustments.

    As Andy puts it, the iPad is an administrivia-removal device.

    You may have noticed I have been reblogging less and less lately but this deserved to be seen in it’s entirety before I expanded on the point.

    I have been seeing so many people have been focussing on what the iPad can’t do. To me, many of those “missing features” are a good thing. The lack of options we have come to expect in a world where options are plentiful (On the Mac, there are at least three ways to quit any application), are a bonus on a device like this. They are even more of a bonus for those who are not savvy computer users. It may come as a shock to us geeks, but many people can’t handle multiple choices on a computing device  (How many ways are there to quit an app on the iPhone, and now, iPad? One. The Home button.). They learn the one way to do something and they always do it that way.

    Furthermore, it is increasingly apparent that Apple feels that he moment you are presented with an option you are taken away from the experience and interaction with the device and that, my friends, is the secret sauce that Apple sells you. They have never been in the business of selling you a box. They sell you an experience and the more immersed you are in that experience, and the less choices you have to make, the more you can simply focus on what you need to get done.

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