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    To many, a Time Capsule backup, a SuperDuper backup at home and work plus a cloud backup will sound excessive. Fair enough. But it sucks to have gone through this experience and it really sucks to have lost our valuable family memories. So if you’re not nearly as crazy as I am (lucky you), let me at least urge you to have at minimum one backup at home and another up in the cloud. If you have sufficient bandwidth, $3–5 a month is a small price to pay for this kind of peace-of-mind. If you live in an area with slow service or worry about leaving your computer running for days on end churning away sending a massive amount of data to the cloud, $124.99 might seem steep, but I hope you never have to know just how good of a deal that price seems in hindsight.

    An ounce of prevention…

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    I have all three of these, plus I keep things I am currently working on in a Dropbox folder so they are continually...
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    With crash plan you can also setup a cloud backup at another location for free. I setup an extra Mac mini with an...
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