1. Jim Whittle — More geometry, less material [Sponsor] →

    Jim Whittle, purveyor of smart leather goods and accessories, is sponsoring this week’s RSS feed in time for to order for Father’s Day. Jim Whittle takes a simplified approach to creating handcrafted iPad cases, wallets, and notebook covers relying on geometry and careful design instead of separate materials for closures and dividers.

    For example, above is the new iPad case called The Tuck. It’s beautiful, versatile, and relies on a cleaver design to close or flip back to become an ad-hoc stand.

    Personally, I’m a fan of the Slim Wallet. I purchased one over a month ago and it always gets interested looks and comments whenever I take it out. You really do have to see the video to understand how clever it is.

    Seriously, this is one company you should check out. To get hand crafted and elegantly designed leather goods of this quality and care at the price is hard to believe (but true). And, if you have a Father in your life to celebrate this holiday, he will be blown away by such an impressive gift. Check Jim Whittle out today.

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