1. An Open Letter to Tumblr

    Dear Tumblr,

    I really love you as a blogging platform. I don’t really think I could have started Minimal Mac as quickly as I did, nor keep up with posting regular content as easily, on any other platform. In fact, I still feel this is the case. I really do feel that if I switched to Wordpress or any other solution it would not be as easy or as pleasurable an experience to use when it is available to me. 

    That said, the past few months there has been excessive downtime on your service. Not just weekly but several times a day. I’m not sure of the reasons why, as you have not provided an explanation that I am aware of. That said, those times, although frequent, are usually brief enough that they have been outweighed in my mind by my enjoyment of the platform. 

    This current outage, it’s sheer length of downtime, and your lack of clarity about expectations for its resolution, are disheartening at best and irresponsible at most. It really saddens me because, as you may be able to tell from above, I’m a big fan and don’t want to switch. 

    If the problem is that you have grown too fast and lack the infrastructure to be able to handle the load, say that and then let us know your plan to correct this. If you are unable to correct it due to lack of cash flow, please start charging money for the service because that would kill both problems with one stroke (i.e. cause a mass exodus and give you revenue from those, like me, who would stay and gladly pay). No matter the problems, please simply explain what they are and how you plan to fix them. Such transparency would go a long way with me.

    The bottom line of all of this is that both my content and my readers deserve better then what you are allowing me to deliver right now. What good is my writing and curating if it can’t be read or seen? What good is the trust I have spent time forming with my audience if they can’t trust that this site will be there for them to enjoy at a time that suits them? 

    So please, just be straight with us. It’s the least you can do.

    Patrick Rhone

    Minimal Mac

    Practical Opacity

    The Random Post

    A Better Freelancer

    Paper Peekshow

    Duchess Beatrix

    Update: Credit where it’s due. That said, it may be too little too late for me. 

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