1. Introducing Pop for iOS

    I have something exciting to tell you about today. It’s called Pop for iOS. It works on iPhone and iPad. We think you are going to love it.

    Why the “We”? Well, because I am also announcing that I am part of the team that developed it.

    Pop is a convenient place for writing things down as quickly as possible — that “piece of paper” you grab to write when you have an idea. It doesn’t help you do anything smarter or more organized.

    The design was driven by a core philosophy: Feature number one should always be as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose. In this case, it is to get to writing as quickly as possible. Nothing more.

    ‘Copy All’ and ‘Read’ are the only other features, to make it easy to get your ideas out or read uninterrupted. The little extra effort of having to Copy All and Paste your way out encourages quality and focus. If the words aren’t worth a copy and paste, clear the page.

    Now I want to be very clear about what Pop is not:

    This is not a notebook app.

    This is not a distraction free writing app.

    This is not a Dropbox or iCloud enabled app.

    This is not a place to organize your ideas into lists and folders.

    This is not a place to email, tweet, Facebook, or otherwise broadcast your ideas to the world.

    What Pop is:

    A place to capture and idea as quickly as possible and worry about what to do with it later.

    It is also a first step.

    Got it? Good.

    Download Pop today for just under a buck and let us know what you think. There are also some further info, screenshots, and instructions available.

    And thanks very much to my teammate Colin McFarland for the journey thus far. We look forward to bringing more wonderful things in the time to come.

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