1. Getting Fresh

    OK, so, I’m looking at this application called Fresh based upon a reader submission. I’m trying to get a sense of what it does, so I am watching the preview videos on the site. I open the first video and start watching and something in it, actually the very premise it sets forth, strikes me the wrong way. Go ahead, watch it yourself. I’ll wait here until you get back…

    Here is the thing, if your Downloads folder has 400+ items in it, then you have deeper issues than this application can solve. Seriously. A tourniquet may stop the bleeding if you chop off a limb but it does not, in fact, correct the root issue.

    I’m really not trying to pick on the application here or the developer. I am sure that the developer is a nice guy who is trying to come up with an elegant solution to a problem that many have – too much “stuff” and how to make sense of it all, find what you need, when you need it, and quickly. This is one of my goals here as well. That said, there is nothing happening in Fresh that you can’t already do with the tools built into your Mac.

    Let me address the theoretical user in the video. First of all, clean out that Downloads folder. That’s just crazy! Why are you holding onto that much stuff? Once you download an application and install it, throw the .dmg or .zip file away. Make that part of the installation process. In fact, treat that folder like an inbox. Set a time, daily, to process anything that is in there and stick it where it really needs to be. If you are hell bent on getting an application, get one like Hazel and automate some of that processing. Can’t remember where you put something? Use Spotlight. Can’t remember the file name? Do you remember what the file was about? Spotlight can search inside of files for key words as well. Remember who sent you the file? Yep, Spotlight to the rescue there too. Do you need have quick access to some files for things you are working on at the ready? Why not create a folder in your Home folder called “Working” and then keep it in the dock. One click easy access. Just make sure to clean that up, just like the Downloads folder, when you are done.

    My overall point is, if you are searching for an application to solve a particular problem, first really take a hard look at where the problem really lives. It may be within. And that, my friends, no application can solve.

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