1. Overdue Random Mentions

    Here are some random things I have failed to mention here with my hectic work, writing, and vacation schedule over the past few weeks. This is especially true of highlighting the cool things people I care about and believe in supporting are doing.

    I list these in no particular order other than my friends getting first mention:

    • The 512 Podcast — 512 Pixels — My buddy and BBQ lunch date Stephen Hackett has a great new Mac-centric tech podcast on the 70 Decibels Network. Great food for a healthy Mac diet. He also has launched a membership option as is a writer well worth supporting.

    • Membership | 52 Tiger — Speaking of worth supporting, my buddy Dave Caolo also recently launched a membership option and a member’s only podcast. Join, and you will get another enjoyable few minutes of listening pleasure added to your day.

    • Enough – The Book — My book will be out soon (I hope). No official date yet but you can read three essays from it right now on the book’s website.

    • CardFlick - Create & Share Business Cards — I have featured this interesting concept in virtual business cards before. That said, they have added a number of new features and a ton of new themes so it is worth checking out again. You can view my card here.

    • ChronoSlider — Interesting little menubar tool to manage timers and alarms. Designed to be super simple and functional. I know there are many out there in need of such a tool.

    • MacTech Event Locations | MacTech — I have also mentioned previously that I am one of the sessions chairs for the upcoming MacTech Bootcamp in Minneapolis. MacTech Boot Camp is specifically designed for those techs and consultants supporting home users, small office/home office, and small-to-medium sized businesses. That said, MacTech has a number of events happening all year all around the country. Use this link to get a special deal on registration.

    • Enough – The Book — My new book Enough will be available soon (no release date yet but I’ll know in a few days). As that occurs, I will begin to further explore the themes, ideas, and process of writing and publishing the book at the book website. In fact, I posted the cover design on the site today. More will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

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