1. What’s in your Simplenote?

    Some of the old timers may remember one of Apple’s most famous ad campaigns – “What’s on your Powerbook?”. In it, celebrities and some regular folk were pictured with their Powerbooks and revealed in text were some of the things they used it for. Even back then, I was highly fascinated by the tools people use and how they use them and this fed that crave quite nicely.

    With the new release of Simplenote, I thought it might be fun to list just a few of the notes I have in mine with the hopes that others will share theirs as well. If you do decide to post yours up somewhere, @reply me your name and a link to your list on Twitter and I will update this post with it as my time allows. Sound fun? Great, here we go…

    What’s in my Simplenote?

    • Bits of words and wisdom – Where I keep nice phrases and well written sentences I run across on the Internet.

    • Yay me! – Where I keep a little list of meaningful accomplishments. I look at this whenever I’m feeling down about myself. It also came in handy for performance reviews back when I had a “real” job.

    • Home Stats – Any measurements I take around the house I keep in here so that, for instance, I always know how big the dining room is or the cubby holes in my office desk hutch. Things like that.

    • My wife’s standard order at Chipotle – So I don’t have to call first if I’m picking some up for dinner or lunch.

    • My personal manifesto – Things I believe in.

    OK, your turn. What’s in your Simplenote?

    Mike Morrow

    Jonathan Gold

    Caleb Chandra

    Ben Brooks

    Stacie Huckeba

    Ian Hines

    Kevin Houle

    Simple Software


    Myke Hurley

    Kyle Baxter

    Kev Rodgers

    Jocelyn Richard

    Eddie Smith

    Randy Murray

    Dennis Lenaerts

    Eric Anderson

    Scott Clitheroe

    Ben Crowder

    Randy Botti

    Billy Adams

    Jasmin Wong

    Sean McArthur

    Y. Konstantakopoulos

    Chris Bowers

    John Roux

    Jack Mottram (who, as usual, displays mad ninja skills)

    Pat Dryburgh

    Mark Szymanski

    Alex Carp

    Ken Clark

    Ian Broome

    Blue Perez

    Cristian Anca

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