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    The new and updated version of the Minimal Mac book, is now available. This new version has been completely revised, reformatted, recompiled for ePub, Kindle (.mobi), and a PDF version is now included. In addition, I have curated and added the very best essays and quotes that have come out since the first release of the book through today. The book now clocks in at over 40,000 words and includes writing from over 4 years of Minimal Mac.

    • For those who have been reading for a while, it is an archive of the best stuff in one professionally produced package.
    • For those new to the site it is an easy way to get up-to-speed on what you have missed.
    • For me, it is a way to gather and archive what I feel is my best work on Minimal Mac. Should some random meteor or freak zombie invasion take out Tumblr, well, here is the stuff I really care about.

    Thus, Minimal Mac: What We Believe In was born.

    Now, I wish to be very clear about what this is. Every single item in this book exists on the site as it stands — right now — for free. I have simply done the hard work for you; which is going through nearly 2500 updates and compiling the best posts, essays, and quotes into a few hundred pages. I then had these professionally edited and the cover, layout, and design done to make it an attractive and easy to read book.

    Available now in ePub for Apple iBooks & .mobi for Amazon Kindle The cost is only $10. About the cost of a decent entrée. Buying it not only gets you a copy of the book in both versions but also helps to support the work I do here. 

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    Minimal Mac: What We Believe In

    The book is not available in any stores (iBookstore or Amazon). This is the only place you can get it. So get it now.