1. "All of the gear I have isn’t worth much if I rely on it more than I rely on myself."

    Mike Vardy, from his latest edition of The Productivityist Newsletter
  2. Shortcut keys using Apple Headphone - iOS Basics →

    Your Apple headphone comes with three buttons. Volume up ( ), volume down (-) and centre button between and – buttons. Now here are things that you can do with these buttons.

    This might be elementary to some. That said, I had forgotten a few of these and learned a couple of new ones.

    (via Nathan Hale)
  3. Dogmatic vs. Practical Minimalism | spartan wanderer →

    I would never suggest that anyone throw out all of their stuff immediately. If you’re interested in living a simple lifestyle, wonderful. But take the fervor that surrounds the movement with a grain of salt, and make the transition at your own pace.
    What we believe in.
  4. "If something is worth saving, save it in a open file format."

    Can’t Be Opened Because It’s Too Old | Egg Freckles

    What we believe in.

  5. XKPasswd - Secure Memorable Passwords →

    Just like it says on the tin. Inspired by a XKCD comic that explained why passwords made of random words are harder to crack than random strings of letters/numbers/characters.

  6. Short-term File Sharing — Torpedo →

    Share files, passwords, and more with self-destructing private links.
    Really handy. I’ve used it a few times now. Works as advertised.
  7. The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain — Overthought →

    This is not one of those “Turn off every useful feature of iOS” posts that grinds my gears. My goal is to deliver practical steps to truly solve your iOS battery woes.

    I love stuff like this. In order for our devices to serve us for as long as possible, we have to optimize them for doing so. Good, paratactical, reasonable, and actionable suggestions.

  8. 52 Days


    I’m not sure how much Office for iPad will ultimately mean for Microsoft. Beyond Excel, what these last several years have shown many of us is that we don’t really need Office for most tasks (thanks again in large part to Microsoft refusing to release Office on devices like the iPad). We found other ways of getting stuff done.

    Agreed. As I (actually, my wife) stated a little over two years ago:

    Like the curtain finally falling from the Wizard of Oz to find just a small, frail, man pretending to be far more powerful and relevant than he really was. Microsoft’s biggest miss was allowing the world to finally see the truth behind the big lie — they were not needed to get real work done. Or anything done, really.

  9. "We opt for more instead of better. Better is better than more."

    Seth’s Godin — Not even one note
  10. Announcing: A Simple Guide To A Healthy Digital Life →



    You shouldn’t have to be a computer expert in order to reap the benefits of computers being ever more intertwined with our daily lives. With this guide, I will go though the key things I think most people might not know, but could benefit a lot from knowing.

    The author, Robert Falck, has been a long time friend online. I’ve pre-ordered. Looks like it’s going to be great.