1. Portable - Matt Gemmell →

    My entire computing setup right now is as simple as I can make it: an Air, and an iPhone.
  2. The fringe benefits of no →


    When I say no (e.g., conference talk invites, “pick my brain” invitations, jury solicitations), I immediately add my regret to the No List. I nurture this growing list of no-things, adding category data like dates events would have happened, themes, and date turned down.

    What an interesting idea.

  3. monochrome-monitor:

    ~ 29 years old ~ Steve Jobs [refreshingly youthful]

    Don’t think I’ve seen these before. So great!

    (via dinosaurspen)

  4. Thanks to Unitica and Banca from Radiant Tap [Sponsor]

    Unitica and Banca from Radiant Tap are beautiful, minimal, and purpose focused conversion apps for your iOS devices. I failed to do so at the end of last week so I want to make sure to take some time out today to thank Radiant Tap for their sponsorship.



    Sponsorships are the primary way that I’m able to keep the work going on here. And, I am very, very, picky about who I choose to let sponsor. If you see a vendor as a sponsor here it is because I genuinely believe the product is good and worth my reader’s time. So, please, take the time to check them out further.

  5. "When “No” is your default, the things that fight their way to “Yes” have a deeper value and meaning. They not only have to earn their place, they have to maintain their worth to keep it. “Yes” is important. “Yes” means that something really matters to me. But, this is only the case — and I would argue only can be the case — when “Yes” is not easy and “No” is the default."

    Patrick Rhone » Random Notes and Recent Thoughts #3
  6. FLUXMOB →

    BOLT is specifically designed to replace your standard wall charger. The built in backup battery charges with your phone and will be ready to go when you are.

    Looks like an interesting all-in-one solution.

  7. soypunk » Using Dash/Plus Markers on iOS and OS X →

    Patrick’s system was devised for analog note-takers and is difficult to use in a digital format. One could remap his characters to easily key’d in ASCII symbols but now you are managing a transliteration. Remapping the characters to ASCII doesn’t necessarily fix the annoyance factor when using a mobile device keyboard. This is where the built-in iOS & OS X Keyboard Text Shortcut feature comes in handy. The Keyboard Text Shortcut feature will let us use a richer set of characters from Unicode that will match the Dash/Plus syntax quite closely. You can also use TextExpander (or similar tools) for this but I like relying on native OS features as much as possible.
    A really neat way to hack my system into a digital world across devices. Love seeing people taking it in all sorts of directions.
  8. Unitica and Banca from Radiant Tap [Sponsor]

    Unitica and Banca from Radiant Tap are beautiful, minimal, and purpose focused conversion apps for your iOS devices.


    Banca is very minimal and straightforward, with just one goal: the simplest possible conversion from any, to any, currency. We often find ourselves needing conversion from Dollars to Pounds, or Euros or, as I encountered recently, Yen — and vice versa all around. Well, with Banca, Conversion happens as you type, to multiple currencies at the same time. And the exchange rates are automatically refreshed on each app start. Banca even uses your location to automatically include the currency for the country you are in. Certainly the most clever and fastest currency conversion app I’ve seen.


    Unitica is equally as clever and well thought out when it comes to unit conversions. The truth is, for converting units we generally are converting the same unit types (inches to feet, meters to miles) over and over again. This is why Unitica allows you set any number of pairs of units as a favorites, regardless of its category and have them all available from the same screen. This saves a ton of time and allows you to quickly get to the things you most often need to convert.

    For a limited time, these apps are being sold as a bundle called Convertica for 30% off the price of the two alone. Sure, you could get them separately for a fair price. But, both are so useful and well designed why not get them both and save a bit of time in the process?

    I’d like to thank Radiant Tap for sponsoring the Minimal Mac RSS Feed this week. Help me thank them by checking out Unitica and Banca.

  9. In case you missed seeing it during the Apple Event this week.

    (Source: youtube.com)

  10. The iOS "@@" Shortcut As A Text Expander For Emails — RocketINK →

    This is a really clever use of the built in text expansion capabilities in iOS.

    You did know you had those built in, didn’t you? Of course you did.